Friday, September 5, 2014


This blog was started on September 5, 2014

Last edited:  September 5, 2014

I started this blog because some stuff just does not make sense to me. 

Case #1: Air India terrorist attack.  How did they get away with murder?

Case #2:  Becky Middleton case.  Why wasn't the known murderer ever brought to justice?  Are they protecting their 'tourism element'?

Case #3:  Amanda Knox case.  Where is the hard evidence linking her and her boyfriend to the crime?  There isn't any.  The bloody foot print was wiped up and the blood stain on the bed sheet did not match up with the knife that the prosecutor had.  Was Italy protecting their 'tourism' element?  A new venue should be sought for this pathetic Italian legal system. 


I started this blog because a good friend that I had since high school became a lawyer and then a prosecutor.  I lived with her a couple of times during the summer months and we shared many a good beach day together.  She shared a lot of 'law' stories with me and I think that rubbed off on me.